Professional Ethics (Lecture)

Instructors: Landoni Monica

Academic Programs: Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Workload: 3 ECTS


This class aims at raising students’ awareness of the ethical issues related to the introduction and use of Information and Computer Technologies in everyday life. While ICT, at large, have proved extremely beneficial we are all conscious of how their misuse could also bring great damage to society. From facilitating plagiarism to making identity theft possible, from privacy invasion to cyber-stalking. As ICT experts we are responsible for ensuring an ethical use of computers and technologies. This course investigates the many ways and venues ICT have been and can be used maliciously, focuses on responsibilities and proposes solutions. Students take an active role in sharing their reflections on case studies presented in class. This way they get familiar with the implication of ethics on their future profession. At the end of the course students are able to identify and analyse problems, propose working solutions and decide on the most ethical ones.

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