Web Atelier (Atélier)

Instructors: Cesare Pautasso

Academic Programs: Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Workload: 9 ECTS


The Web is an open, decentralized medium for publishing and sharing information in the form of multimedia documents. The Web is more and more becoming a programmable operating system platform for delivering software as a service. In the Web atelier students learn the technological foundation of the World Wide Web and push it to its limits during the final project. Students learn for the first time what it takes and what it means to program on the server-side, as well as refresh their basic client-side user interface programming skills. The Web atelier is structured in two phases: 1. skill building, where students are guided to master the basic development skills and Web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, HTTP, Node.JS, AJAX, WebSockets, WebRTC) and can do so individually or in pairs. 2. final team project, where groups of students apply their skills to design, develop, deploy and demonstrate fully-fledged Web applications, services, and mashups.

Software Engineering

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Computer Systems

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