Algorithmics (Lecture)

Instructors: Evanthia Papadopoulou

Academic Programs: Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Workload: 3 ECTS


This course covers a variety of topics on algorithms and data structures, building upon the material of the first year course “Algorithms and Data Structures”. Algorithms and data structures are fundamental to computer science being the essence of computer programs. The performance of any software system depends on the efficiency of its algorithms and data structures. This course extends the students' knowledge on fundamental algorithms by focusing on several important topics such as data structures for disjoint sets and union-find, interval trees, graphs and graph algorithms such as shortest paths and matchings, intractability and NP completeness, how to deal with intractability and approximation algorithms.

Theory and Algorithms

Find out what can and cannot be computed, and how to compute it. More...

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