Field Project (Project)

Instructors: Marc Langheinrich

Academic Programs: Master of Science in Informatics and Economics: Management & Informatics

Workload: 12 ECTS


The field project is an important chance to learn some key aspects of company organizations and to acquire teamwork skills. It consists of a consultancy study conducted by a group of four to five students under the supervision of a tutor (typically a professor of the relevant master track). The study is a field activity conducted on the premises of a company (the “client”), i.e., the team will be based at the client’s location and collaborate with the client. The tutor assists the team in managing contact with the client, developing the project, and preparing the final report. During the field project, students attend several `research laboratories` where they exchange information on their experience with other students and tutors in the program, and receive input on methods and presentation skills. The project is evaluated by the tutor based on the quality of the final report, the satisfaction of the client, and the results of the team.

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